About this site Ledgero' what now?

Ledgeromatic helps creative writers track where they submit their work. It keeps writers organized, reveals submission patterns and costs, and shows where to submit next.

The minimalist interface works well on any browser: desktop, tablet, or mobile. It gets out of your way to make submission bookkeeping painless by requiring only a few clicks or taps to create or update a submission, and it's always available no matter where you are.

Some other key features:

  • Built for writers: opportunities--journals, magazines, contests, et cetera you can submit to--are specific to you, so you can keep your list as lean and easy to search as you'd like because it's filled only with what's important to you.
  • Data portability: import your existing records easily, and export your Ledgeromatic data at any time.
  • Privacy: No advertising, no invasive third-party tracking, no information sold.

Made by a writer

Using a spreadsheet to track where I sent my poems never clicked for me. For a while I got by with a plain old text file, but as the submissions piled up that file became unwieldy. It couldn't easily answer my questions like:

  • How much have I paid in submission fees sending this first book manuscript out?
  • Which poems have I already sent to any particular magazine and when did I send them?
  • How many rejections have I received this year?
  • Where I have sent this poem already?

But I couldn't find an existing alternative that I liked. Most submission trackers are clunky or try to do too much while still doing too little. I needed something simple, straightforward, and capable, something that could give me a sense of what I was doing over the long term. A series of rows in a spreadsheet couldn't quickly deliver that.

So I built Ledgeromatic. I hope you'll try it out and find it useful too. And if you ever have any questions or need some help, email me at support@ledgeromatic.com.

-- Christopher Louvet

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