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Last updated January 28, 2022

How does it work?
Ledgeromatic is made up of three things:
  • Works: poems, stories, essays, etc you've written
  • Opportunities: journals, magazines, or contests you want to submit to
  • Submissions: records of which works you've sent to opportunities

You add works and opportunities by title, and when you're ready you create submissions that link them together. When you receive a response from the opportunity, update the submission record with a few clicks or taps. Add some notes if you'd like. Do this from just about anywhere on any device with an internet connection. Ledgeromatic is designed to work great on desktop and mobile.

What about submission deadlines?
Ledgeromatic purposefully doesn't provide deadlines for opportunities. Instead, it surfaces opportunities as they become available to you based on when your submission history.
Can I have two works with the same title? For example, a poem called "Spring Comes to Chicago" and a book called Spring Comes to Chicago?
Absolutely! The easiest way to do this is to have one work called "Spring Comes to Chicago" and another work called "Spring Comes to Chicago (book)." It's up to you how you want to differentiate works with the same title.
Who made this? Why?
I did, a writer who regularly submits to magazines and journals. I needed a better way to track and understand the submission packets I was assembling and sending out.
What does it cost?
$5/month, or there's a discount if you sign up for the annual plan at $50/year. A little over the cost of the common submission fee of $3.
Why should I give you money?
The subscription fee keeps this app running and pays me to keep working on it. It keeps advertisements off the site and guarantees your privacy because your data is not the product.
If I cancel do I get a refund?
You can cancel at any time. Your subscription will continue to be active through the period you paid for. There are no refunds.
Can I have a longer trial period?
7 days gives you a chance to get the feel for how Ledgeromatic works and whether its organizing principles might be right for you. The app's real benefits come from long-term use.
Will Ledgeromatic submit my writing for me?
Sadly, no. But it'll make your life much easier in terms of keeping track of where you sent what.
Will you help me import my current submission records?
The fastest way to get data into the system is by importing a spreadsheet. Ledgeromatic provides an example and template for you to use.
Can I export my data?
You can export your data to .xlsx at any time. Ledgeromatic aims to be as open to data-portability as possible.
What happens if I close my account?
If you close your account, your subscription is canceled and your data will be deleted almost immediately.
How is Ledgeromatic better than Duotrope, Submittable, or a Google Sheet?
Ledgeromatic is designed to be different than those other options. It's focused on helping the writer to stay organized, understand where they've sent their work, and decide where to submit next, all while being easy to use and consistently available. It's not a clearinghouse of calls for work, open reading periods, contests, or magazines.
What writing genres can I use Ledgeromatic for? Does it work for pitches too?
Ledgeromatic is not built for any single genre or even completed works. You're free to name a work whatever you want, and you don't need to specify a genre.
Where should I send my work?
That's totally up to you, and you can add any opportunity you want. Ledgeromatic is specific to each user. The more opportunities you add and submit to, the more Ledgeromatic can suggest what's likely available to you.
Does Ledgeromatic save my cover letters for me?
Not yet. 😉
Does Ledgeromatic save the full text or files of my works and assemble submission packets for me?
Also not yet. Should it? 😉
What's the Rejection Jar?
The Rejection Jar is a way for you to reward yourself for the effort you put in with submissions. For every rejection your receive in a calendar year, it sets aside $5. At the end of the year, take your rejection jar total and spend it on yourself--a nice dinner, a great bottle of wine, whatever you want. It's the digital equivalent of a swear jar.
Can I use Ledgeromatic to track something other than writing?
You sure can! And if you do, I'd love to hear about it. Let me know at
You know what would make this better?
I have a few ideas for upcoming features, but I'm always open to hear from folks who use the app. If you have a feature request, email it to
I think I found a bug. What should I do?
Email the details to, and we'll squash it together.

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